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About this program

Transformation GY (Beginner)


With the analysis of the test you have carried out, we know your objective!

Welcome to the individual and intense training program according to your physical form, the more you train the more it will adapt to you. Enjoy the best workouts with guidance made for you.

¡Start soft finish strong!

⚠️To complete all the routines more profitably, you will need the following equipment:

  • Pair of dumbbells (Max 20Lbs adjustable)
  • Tubular bands kit
  • Elastic bands kit
  • Power bands
  • Ball fit
  • Abdominal wheel


Transformation Gy
We welcome you to our stellar training program ... Transformation GY (total body transformation) that focuses on doing and programming physical training routines prior to a test to get to know you, so we can personalize your
training and together be able to reach the goal that you have traced and that in reality is to stay healthy and obtain a noticeable physical change. We guarantee that anyone and with any type of body can achieve it by cutting the myth that only the
success of the body transformation can be achieved by spending long days of training, immediate and radial changes in food or lifting large amounts of weight. You will learn to train by practicing the best and proven exercises for each muscle group.
You will learn some muscle anatomy easily and quickly ... so you will get the best out of each exercise performed. In addition to the correct execution of each exercise through real illustrations ... as well as the common errors that you should not
commit that long are transformed into muscle injuries that lead to desertion or no progress. You can share your progress by uploading photos or videos for each training session. You will only need a pair of dumbbells, a kit of tubular bands and ...
Done! You will be functional, strong and muscular.

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